Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Michael Masoy Agency presents



The High Society Brand
The MichaelMasoy Agency is a new and young multifaceted fashion production agency that promises to "elevate the runway" with fresh and fierce faces. The agency was founded in 2009 by runway trainer and stylist, Michael Masoy Petersen, who has over seven years of experience in the fashion and event production fields. This new millennium boutique modeling agency will offer clients a diverse mix of services that includes cutting edge event production, runway training and image consulting services across the fashion and entertainment industries.
As a multi-platform agency, image is everything. Besides representing a small cadre of models, the MichaelMasoy Agency will represent up and coming photographers and stylists who are advancing new visions and approaches to fashion and entertainment.

We have a strong history of producing fashion events including runway shows, launch parties, soirees, weddings, conferences and corporate events. As we continue to offer clients innovation and professionalism through a one-stop shop approach, our services will expand to domestic and international satellite offices, carrying the MichaelMasoy brand to fashion and entertainment markets across the globe.

House of Masoy – the non-profit social arm of the agency – is a fashion activist organization and club that produces events to raise awareness and funds for various international and domestic social issues including HIV/AIDS, malaria, clean water, cancer, homelessness, LGBT and the rights of women and children. Tapping into the outlets of fashion, art, dance and music, our goal is to think globally and act compassionately in our response to epidemics, disasters and other humanitarian causes. Michael’s world view is best expressed through the words, “There is only one universal language, and that is the language of the heart.”

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