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Marck Angel wearing:
"EAT & DRINK" Tshirt

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Evoking the charismatic timbre of Michael Jackson in the early 80’s with a splash of present-day urban soul, Marck Angel is an artist that brings an urgent breath of fresh air to what is currently a very stark and interchangeable R&B lineup. Born and raised in the music capital of the world, New York, Marck Angel is a true music artist, whose soft, yet skilled vocal styling is only matched by his talent for songwriting and producing. And if that’s not enough, he’s got a potent dose of urban dance and choreography to add to his palatable agenda. Marck started dancing (on beat) at age 2, singing at 4, writing songs at 10 and producing them at 16, proof that true talent can’t be taught, but must be inbred. He simply intends to help fill a void in an industry where it’s extremely rare to find an artist that willingly applies himself to every facet of their craft… a true to form “music artist”. And in a time where male R&B artists seem to be cloned on a weekly basis, it’s nice to have a refreshing, different talent on the horizon.
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