Thursday, February 25, 2010

SNL x The High Society Brand x

When did you know you wanted to DJ?

Ontrack After seeing it done. It was introduced to me by a close group of friends in the early 90's (yeah doing this for a minute) LOL

Synco I knew I wanted to dj since I was like 13 or 14 years old. I used to collect party flyers and say that my name would one day be all over like the big dj's back then. Lol. I even used to go to the record store to buy records and not have anywhere to play them. So that's when I knew I would pursue a career as a dj.

When did SNL start?

Ontrack SNL for those that don't know stands for Synco Nicole & Les (aka On Track) Synco & I (On Track) did our 1st official party in January of 2003 (our birthday party) then we did a party in July of 2003 called "Tattoo Madness"... so you can say since 2003 but Nicole didn't come into the picture until 2006 when we did our first Models & Bottles birthday bash @ Club XO now Venus NY.

Synco: SNL Promotions started when Ontrack & I were planning our 1st birthday party together.

What influences your style?

Ontrack Plain and simple... The crowd!! I feed off the crowd. I don't listen to the radio too much; don't want to be influenced nor molded by other djs.

Synco: My music style is influenced first by my Jamaican roots. Growing up with a Jamaican background, my family always had reggae music playing in our home from Bob Marley, to Dennis Brown, to John Holt, to Beres...and the list goes on. But i listen to all types of music. And I basically like to play the hits from back in the days, and the hits now in all genres of music.

What’s the craziest thing you saw while Djing?

Ontrack That I remember? LOL because I've been told the day after "OMG can't believe you said that" lol but I don't remember. So I would have to say my favorite line "Ladies never tell your girl friends how good your man is in bed"

Synco: Wowww...the craziest thing?? I was playing at a party a while back, probably a good 10 years ago in Flatbush and a shoot out occurred right in the party. That had to be the craziest thing ever.

What do you think about how technology has influenced the art of Djing?

Ontrack Technology has made it too easy for anyone to be a dj.... It is no longer a craft nor a profession... everyone with a laptop nowadays is a dj.

Synco: I think technology has influenced djing in both a good and bad way. We now have laptops, and hard drives to store music and different dj programs to play at a party without lugging crates of records like back in the days which is a good think. And we can walk with way more music than before right in our pockets. So that's a good thing. But then there are some people who think that just because it’s so easy now to get a dj program or download music from the internet, they feel that they can be a dj without practicing. I'm sure if we were still using records, there probably wouldn't be half as many djs as there are now.

What do you enjoy most about djing?

Ontrack Making sure people have fun! To see them dance, smile, and/or reminisce when they hear a song that reminds them of something special. Once again the crowd!

Synco: Most of all, I love to see people dancing and having a good time. Once I have the party moving, I'm good. I also enjoy traveling and going to dj at different venues. And of course, I like meeting new people.

What tips would you give up & coming djs?

Ontrack Practice practice practice! The art of dj'ing is not the same... learn how to read a crowd, learn to mix properly. (transition)

Synco I would tell all up & coming djs to make sure you practice. Make sure you study all kinds of music. And also you have to brand yourself.

What do you want people leaving your parties to think?

Ontrack That they can't wait until the next one.

Synco: I want people when they leave a party to be like..."Yo that dj killed it!!! When is his next party?" Lol.

What separates you from other djs?

Ontrack My approach and how I deal with people. We all have the same music! But my professionalism & interaction gets me over the top.

Synco: I think a lot of djs play to please themselves. But I play to please the crowd. I'm always watching how the crowd reacts to my music selections.

What are the future plans for SNL?

Ontrack The future is in God's hands! We just want to make you dance!

Synco: My future plans for SNL is to throw bigger events, and to branch out overseas as dj's/promoters and have the name ringing bells all over. I want to be a brand name, yuh zeeeitt.


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